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2012 National Competition (New Jersey) Winners

Talented young people from a wide array of disciplines took their place in history recently by being recognized as national winners in the NAACP ACT-SO competitions. ACT-SO (the Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics) is a major youth initiative of the NAACP. Gold, silver and bronze medalists were announced during the NAACP's 33rd annual celebration of ACT-SO that concluded with award ceremonies in Houston, Texas.

The 2012 national winners from New Jersey (in order of program affiliation) are: 

ACT-SO Camden
Arnetta Johnson, Camden, silver medal in Music Instrumental Contemporary
Arnetta Johnson, Camden, bronze medal in Music Composition

ACT-SO Gloucester
Adele Taylor, Gloucester, gold medal in Business
Janelle Wellons, Gloucester, gold medal in Original Essay

ACT-SO New Brunswick
Briana Williams, New Brunswick, silver medal in Oratory

ACT-SO Newark
Kierra McCall , Newark, gold medal in Oratory
Sharon Johnson, Newark, bronze medal in Poetry

ACT-SO Montclair
Jackie Barnes, Montclair, silver medal in Architecture

All Time New Jersey National ACT-SO Award Recipients

More than 3,000 area high school students have participated in the NJ ACT-SO workshops that culminate in an annual statewide competition. New Jersey ACT-SO has proud stories of students who dare to dream, to achieve, to strive for excellence in their lives.

The following students are recipients of national medals at the national competitions held around the country. New Jersey has proud stories!

2011 (Los Angeles)
Mary Clare Sobon, Music Vocal Contemporary
Sara Meretab, Mathematics
Shemamphorash Andre, Filmmaking

2010 (Kansas)
Jalyssa James, Music Vocal Contemporary
Alicia Oliver, Photography
Takir Anderson, Architecture
Adele Taylor, Entrepreneurship

2009 (New York, NY)
Tochi Nworu, Playwriting
Alexander Cummings, Music Composition and Music Instrumental Contemporary
Silver Matthew, Painting
Yasmin DeJesus, Drawing
Nadiya Cooper, Mathematics
Jennifer Lantigua, Sculpture

2008 (Orlando, Florida)
Gisella Gutierreoz, Photography

2007 (Detroit, MI)
Edwin Coleman, Poetry
Charlene Boone, Music Composition
Jemina Akinsanya, Physics
Xavier Bennett, Playwriting

2006 (Washington, DC)
Naomi Adjei, Mathematics
Joseph Momoh, Architecture

2005 (Milwaukee, WI)
Asha Martin, Mathematics
Zebia Weh, Physics 
Kevin Beckford, Original Essay

2004 (Philadelphia, PA)
Eric Hudson, Music Instrumental Contemporary
Carla Bruce, Original Essay
Erica Barrow, Mathematics
Evanda Henry, Chemistry
Brooke Pennix, Oratory

2003 (Miami, FL)
Stefani Ramos, Photography
Darnell Jones Bey, Filmmaking
Naomi Daniels, Vocal Contemporary 
Carla Nesbitt, Instrumental Contemporary

2002 (Houston, TX)
Dontae Simmons, Filmmaking
Shandy Walton, Poetry
Collete Jackson-Belle, Vocal Classical
Irwin Hall Jr., Instrumental Contemporary
Ashley Jackson, Instrumental Classical

2001 (New Orleans, LA)
Valerie Louissant, Mathematics

2000 (Baltimore, MD)
Kern Bruce,art, Mathematics
Aleshia Brown, Physics
Melony Williams, Photography

1999 (New York)
Sheri Williams, Computer Science
Lawrence Smith, Poetry

1998 (Atlanta, GA)
Martin Dickerson, Architecture

1997 (Pittsburgh, PA)
Maria Norales, Playwriting
Eisa Jackson, Dance

1996 (Charlotte, NC)
Nia Jeter, Computer Science, Mathematics
Jaime Hardges, Drama
Chantelle Brathwaite, Physics

1995 (Minnesota, MN)
Darnell Williams, Physics
Yasmeen Yasin, Playwriting
Christina Taylor, Original Essay
Thaddeus Pinckney, Chemistry

1994 (Chicago, IL)
Tye Husbands, Oratory
Josina Lawrence, Filmmaking
Cornell Fields, Music Composition

1993 (Indianapolis, IN)
Wendy Dunlap, Playwriting
Nicole Tucker, Architecture
Tyshawn Hawkins, Computer Science 
Coltrane Curtis, Photography

Tyshawn Hawkins, Computer Science
Coltrane Curtis, Photography
Scott Rudrow, Physics
Aliya Carmichael, Poetry

Nashad Warfield, Oratory

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